Exam Results 2017

June 8, 2017 8:08 am

Exam Results days are as follows:

A-level Thursday 17th August 2017 (from 9am onwards)

GCSE – Thursday 24th August 2017 (from 9am onwards)

All results will be issued in the Main Hall for both A-level and GCSE.

If candidates are unable to collect their results they may send a stamped, addressed envelope into school by 21st July so we can post their results to them on results day.  The envelope should be addressed to the candidate so that it can be easily identified.  Candidates may also elect a person to collect their results on their behalf.  The elected person must have a signed note from the candidate giving permission for them to collect their results.

We cannot and will not accept candidates who call on the day to have their results issued to them over the phone, as we cannot positively identify a person over the phone.

If Year 10 students are unable to come in to school to collect their results, please remind them that they will receive their results when they return to school in September.

Year 13 students may have their results e-mailed to them if they are abroad.  However, a valid e-mail address must be provided to the school before 21st July.

After Friday 25th August all remaining results will be left in reception for students to collect their results.