Celebration Mass for the Feast of St Peter and St Paul

June 23, 2017 3:00 pm

As you may be aware Thursday 29th June is Saints Peter and Paul’s day, this is one of the most important days in the Catholic Church’s year. It is what we call a holy day of obligation, this means we are required to attend Mass on this day like Christmas Day, Easter and every Sunday.

In addition, you will be aware that Tom Heslin, a cherished member of our site team recently passed away and we will celebrate Tom’s life during this occasion.

To fulfil our obligation for the feast day, we will be walking down to Good Shepherd Church in the afternoon to celebrate a Mass prepared by the Chaplaincy Team and celebrated by Fr Philipp Ziomek. The morning will be run as per usual with periods 1-3 and lunch unchanged. At the start of Period 4, students will return to form rooms to be registered and from there they will walk as a tutor group to Mass so that we can begin at 2pm. Mass will finish at 3pm and students will be dismissed from church, school buses will collect children from the church on Thackery’s Lane.

During the Mass we will be sending off our petitions for Lourdes with our sixth form students who are going to Lourdes. If you have any particular prayers or intentions that you would like sent to Lourdes, please enclose them in an envelope addressed: ‘FAO Joe Hopkins, Lay Chaplain, Lourdes Petition’ and send them with your child. These petitions are brought unopened to the shrine where they are burnt so please do not include any monetary donations.

Full details can be obtained from the Letter’s Home Page