Christ the King Faith

Christ the King Catholic Voluntary Academy is, first and foremost, a Catholic School. That does not mean that all who attend this school have to be Catholic, but it does mean that we will offer students an opportunity to grow faith in a very thoughtful and active way.

We aim to preach the Gospel message of Jesus in an approachable and accessible way, while still emphasizing on the significance and importance of faith, and how it can work in each and every person’s life. We are a community that meets each student where they are and helps them along the journey to being the best person that they can be in all that they do. Making sure that each students realizes that they are made in the image and likeness of God and that they are special is paramount on this journey.

To do this, we need to develop the student’s faith also. As a Catholic school, we begin and end each day with prayer. The importance of showing them different types of prayer helps them to grow and build on what faith they have. Meditation, reflection, song, video, poem and silence are all ways of praying that we encourage in order that each student can grow and learn.

This growth and education can also be achieved through the opportunity to attend Mass within school and at Good Shepherd Church, by leading and taking part in form Acts of Worship, and by being part of the Chaplaincy Team. The students take an active part in fundraising and the pastoral care of all who attend Christ the King and this is due to the strong and spirited community that are present in school.

We are blessed to have a beautiful Chapel with the Blessed Sacrament reserved in it and this is a place of real reflection and prayer, as well as a place for people to feel it is okay to be them. For them to see their worth, see that they are special and give them the confidence to show all those in school that we are all part of the one family in Christ.

It is our hope that during their time as part of our community that both students and staff are able to grow in faith and in understanding.