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A Big Hello and Welcome to Our New Year 7

Year 7 5

On Wednesday September 3rd, we welcomed our new students in year seven as full members of our Christ the King community. It was great to see the students again after their two days with us in July, now all dressed immaculately in their new uniform.

We started the day with a prayer and then the students got to meet their form tutor and the other students in their house; unfortunately there was no sorting hat to decide this!

Year 7 1The students spent the day getting to know their school class mates and teachers. We concluded the day with students in their houses preparing their welcome Mass. Each house planned a different part of the Mass and creating a branch of a tree. Our theme for our year sevens this year will be ‘you are the branches I am the vine’; this analogy of Jesus’ is making us think about how our Academy is like a tree:

  • Year 7 3Our roots that anchor and feed us are found in God; he gives us everything we need to survive and give us great strength.
  • The trunk is the support of the school community as a whole. A tree has many branches, leaves and fruits but only one trunk, uniting it all.
  • The branches are our houses that reach out in different ways with different strengths.
  • The leaves are our students and staff, not only do they bring colour and beauty to the tree but needed light which is life giving.

Year 7 2Our Mass was celebrated Fr Joe Wheat, who many of you will know from his time at the briars or being the brother of Mr Wheat (our former head of music)! Fr Joe has just become the Parish Priest of Sacred Heart, Carlton and St Bernadette’s Sneinton. As our newest Parish Priest it was wonderful that he was able to come to celebrate the Mass and that we could welcome him too. We look forward to working with Fr Joe for many years to come. We also want to thank Fr Eamonn again for all his support throughout his time as Parish Priest in Carlton.

Year 7 1The Mass was a great celebration with some lovely prayers and reflections written by our new students and their singing was fantastic; I look forward to celebrating many more Masses and liturgies with this great group of young people.

Joe Hopkins