GCSE Year 11 Intervention Time Table

Please find below the Year 11 GCSE PE intervention programme for your child. The sessions will take place in M2 and will start at 15:05pm and finish at 16:00pm.  Sessions have specific topics so that your child can see what information the sessions will contain. Please encourage and support your child to attend as many sessions as possible as this will support and develop their knowledge and understanding of the GCSE PE course.


Date Topic Staff
Monday 17th September Physical, emotional and social health, impact of fitness on wellbeing. LB
Monday 24th September Lifestyle choices, impact of lifestyle choices, sedentary lifestyles and consequences AR
Monday 1st October   Balanced diet and the role of nutrients, dietary manipulation for sport, optimum weight SLo
Monday 8th October Functions of the skeletal system, classification of bones, structure of the skeletal system KF
Monday 15th October Classification and roles of muscles, location and roles of key voluntary muscles, antagonistic muscle, fast and slow twitch muscle fibres LB
Monday 22nd  October Structure and function of the cardiovascular system, arteries, capillaries and veins AR
Monday 5th November Respiratory system – composition of air; lung volumes, location and roles of principal components of respiratory system, structure and function of alveoli SLo
Monday 12th  November Aerobic and anaerobic exercise and the short and long term effects of exercise KF
Monday 19th November Lever systems, first second and thirds class levers, mechanical advantages in sport and physical activity, movement at joints, joint classification and impact on movement axes, planes and axes AR
Monday 26th November


Goal Setting – SMART targets, classification of skill, forms of practice, types of guidance KF
Monday 3rd  December Vascular shunting, components of blood and their significance for physical activity AR
Monday 10th December Components of fitness benefits for sport and how fitness is measured and improved, Fitness tests SLo
Monday 17th December   Principles of training, methods of training SLo
Monday 14th January long term effects of training on the musculo-skeletal system, long term effects of training on the cardio-respiratory system KF
Monday 21st January Identification and treatment of injury, injury prevention in physical activity, how to optimise training and prevent injury

Effective use of warm up and cool down

Monday 28th January Performance enhancing drugs KF
Monday 4th February   Factors affecting participation in physical activity, participation rate trends- use of data. AR
Monday 11th February   Commercialisation and the media, advantages and disadvantages of commercialisation. SLo
Monday 4th March Sports behaviour, sportsmanship, gamesmanship, deviance KF
Monday 11th March Mental preparation for performance, types of feedback AR
Monday 18th March   Exam technique KF
Monday 25th March Exam technique AR
Monday 1st April   Exam technique SLo
Monday 29th April Exam technique KF
Monday 13th May Exam technique SLo