Keeping Children Safe Evening – Dec 2016

On Tuesday 6th December we hosted our first ‘Keeping Children Safe’ Evening. The event began with an introduction in the school hall based on internet safety and offering advice and guidance to parents on how to ensure that their child is safe when they are online. 


The following video was used as an introduction for the evening:




The presentation then focussed on social media and it offered parents information on how to check their child’s privacy settings. The website was highlighted as a useful source of information for parents who wanted more advice and guidance on this topic.


The following link could be used for parents to check the privacy settings of their child whilst they are online:


Parents were informed that young people can only have a social media account when they are aged 13. The main reason for this age limit is due to laws in America which state that companies are not allowed to collect data from children under the age of 13 without parental consent. It is interesting to note that social media sites applications/sites will delete the profiles of young people if they are informed, with proof, that a person is under the age of 13.


The evening then moved into the dining room where a large number of external providers had set up stalls highlighting the work that they do in the local community. The following providers were present and available to offer support and guidance to the parents who attended in the specialist area stated below:


Lifeline Journey – Drug and alcohol abuse

NWG Network – Child sexual exploitation

Harmless – Self Harm

Equation – Supporting with domestic abuse

Nottinghamshire Police – Online safety, Female Genital Mutilation, Honour Based Violence, Child neglect

Nottinghamshire County Council – Online safety 

Women’s Aid – Supporting children who have experienced domestic violence

Cath Parfitt – School counsellor

Laurie Potter – School nurse

Joe Hopkins – Bereavement

Polly Smith – Family support worker 

Brake – Road Safety organisation – Substance abuse

Karma Nirvana – Arranged marriage


In the exit questionnaires that were completed by all parents as they left the event, 100% of parents/carers who attended said that they agreed/strongly agreed that they ‘found the evening useful,’ with 100% of parents also stating that they now feel better equipped to help their child stay safe when online.


We would like to thank all of our providers for attending the evening and supporting the school with this event. We view the safety of the children in our care as paramount to everything we do as a school, and we created this event to offer greater levels of support and guidance for our parents and carers, to help them to develop their knowledge of the issues surrounding young people in this generation.


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