Frog VLE

FrogAt Christ The King Catholic Catholic Voluntary Academy and Sixth Form we have an online educational platform known as Frog. Frog is a VLE which is in simple terms is Virtual Learning Environment. It can be accessed from anywhere in the world provided you have an internet connection.

Frog VLE Platform at CTK offers exceptional creative control enabling teachers, admin staff and even pupils to fully embed their learning platform into the school’s working practices and tailor it to the needs of their school.

  • All students, Sixth Form students, Parents, Staff and Governors have access to Frog with predesignated areas assigned to all users.
  • It enables students to access work from home and return it to their teacher.
  • Students can use it for unplanned absence from school such as away days, school trips, illness and extended leave from school.
  • It has files for every subject taught at our school.
  • It reduces Paperwork and Photocopying.
  • It allows a safe e-mail for course correspondence.

All users of Frog are actively encouraged to use this area to safely store as well as send homework, files and coursework, the use of third party sites and social networking sites for educational purposes is not advised. Access to these third party sites at Christ The King Catholic Voluntary Academy and Sixth Form is prohibited.

Frog can be accessed from the Christ The King Homepage via a login.

This Login is specific and is for your use only. It is not intended to be given to anybody other than you for access to your files, homework, coursework and information.

Do not give Your Login Detail to Anybody.