Yr 11 Revision Sessions

During Year 11

1.Between now and when you leave you will take part in 12 sessions that will support you in preparing for your exams

2.Each session will be run by  a specifically chosen member of staff and range from revision tips through to ensuring you look after your emotional well being

3.Each sessions PowerPoint and resources will be placed on the schools website for you to access from home. Your parents will also be able to have a look at what is happening too

Overview of Support Sessions

SessionFortnight CommencingTopicDetailsStaff
125/09/17How do we learn?Introduction session that aims to:

·         Explain what the sessions are about. Where will they be? Why are we doing them? What will we cover

·         Introduction to the website and twitter

·         An explanation about the brain, learning styles and revision rules.

209/10/17Mind maps and flash cardsSession will include:

·         An explanation of a mind map and some flash cards

·         Students will complete and example of how to create a mind map

·         Useful websites and the challenge to try it out over the next fortnight

313/11/17Emotional WellbeingDuring this session students will:

·         Healthy mind, healthy body

·         Anxiety/ stress reduction techniques

·         Self confidence

·         Positive Stress vs Negative Stress

·         Healthy lifestyle in order to learn

427/11/17Note taking, chunking and highlightingSession will include:

·         An explanation of a why we note take, chunk information and use highlighters

·         complete an example of note taking, chunking and highlighting – split into three groups

·         Students need to try it out over the next fortnight and tweet results

511/12/17Talking from experienceSession will include:

·         Q and A session in which a selected group of year 12 students discuss their experiences of year 11 and going through exams

·         Tips, advice and guidance

·         Mistakes that they may have made

·         Planning for life after year 11

68/1/18The spoken word. Rapper or a poet? Reading out allowed,  recording yourselfSession will include:

·         Creating poems or raps to help you revise

·         The logic of recording yourself and listening back to it

·         Students to tweet examples of their work

722/01/18Get creative – images – bath pens – post it notes, quizzes, mnemonicsSession will include:

·         A range of creative ways that you can revise

·         Why is it important to use a range of revision techniques?

·         Students to tweet examples of creative revision

805/02/18Keywords and MnemonicsSession will include:

·         An introduction into keywords and Mnemonics

·         Students will complete an example during the session

·         Students will be asked to tweet their examples in use

905/03/18Planning your time effectivelySession will include:

·         Why is planning your time so important?

·         Exemplar revision timetable that students can use

·         Importance of including activities that you do outside of school

·         Explanation as to why breaks are so important to incorporate into your plan

Students to tweet examples of their revision plans

1019/03/18Revising OnlineSession will include:

·         What sources are effective?

·         What apps can I use to build recall?

·         How can I make revision social and effective online?

1116/04/18Making the most of the mark schemeSession will include:

·         How to find resources related to your exams

·         How to make sense of questions and mark schemes

·         How best to include these in your preparation

1230/04/18On the day of the exam- tips and prepSession will include:

·         Last minute advice on how to prepare the night before and on the day of an exam



Year 11 Tutor Time Sessions take place on:


Canterbury – Thursday Week 2

Holywell – https://www.rifleman.org.uk/dev/wordpress/?p=356 Friday Week 2

Iona – Thursday Week 1

Lindisfarne – Wednesday Week 2

Walsingham – Wednesday Week 1