Revisions & Notices

After School Revision Sessions

3.15 – 4.15

3rd NovemberE15Biology 2.3 Enzymes
10th NovemberE12Chemistry 2.3 Atomic structure and calculations
17th NovemberE14Physics 2.3 Work, energy and momentum
24th NovemberE15Biology B2.4 Energy from respiration
1st DecemberE12Chemistry 2.4 & 2.5 Rates of reaction and energy in reactions
8th DecemberE14Physics 2.4 Current and electricity
5th JanuaryE15Biology B2.5 Inheritance in animals and plant
12th JanuaryE12Chemistry 2.6 Making salts
19th JanuaryE14Physics 2.5 Mains electricity
26th JanuaryE15Biology B2.6 Old and new species
2nd FebruaryE12Chemistry C2.7 Electrolysis
9th FebruaryE14Physics B2.6 Radioactivity
23rd FebruaryE15Biology revision
2nd MarchE12Chemistry revision
9th MarchE14Physics revision
16th MarchE15Biology revision
23rd MarchE12Chemistry revision
30th MarchE14Physics revision
20th AprilE15Biology revision
27th AprilE12Chemistry revision
4th MayE14Physics revision
11th MayE15Biology revision
18th MayE12Chemistry revision
25th MayE14Physics revision