Head Teachers Awards

Sixth Formers who prove to be excellent ambassadors for the school either through their contribution to charity work, academic excellence, leadership qualities or community service may be nominated for this award. Recipients wear a special enamel pin which is awarded at the end of each term during an Act of Worship. The award was instigated in September 2010 and past students honoured with this award are:
  • Jess Lees (Head Girl)
  • Noreen Dera (Head Girl)
  • Christopher Pierce (Head Boy)
  • Joseph Allwood (Prefect)
  • Claire Killingworth (Prefect)
  • Philippa Killingworth (Head Girl)
  • Samuel Lane (Head Boy)
New Recipients for Autumn Term 2013:
Tanaka Mabhoyi
Tanatswa Mabhoyi
Rio Henley
Hazel Williams
Student Awards for 2012/2013
Elliot Harrop
Vimbai Mutimutema
Jhudari Scholar
Thandoe Ndlovu
Rosario Malacarne
Students Awards for 2011/2012:
Alice Forde
Kirsty Burnell
Reece Murphy
Shokoya Harrison
Students Awards for 2010/2011:
Laura Manners
James Barfield
Julia Jabrzyk
Head Girls and Head Boys

Head Boy

Head Girl


Daniel Bartley

Bethan Jones

2014 – 15

Estefano de Padua

Elisa Ellis

2013 – 14

Jhudari Scholar

Vimbai Mutimutema

2012 – 13

Kieran Hayes

Jessica Lees

2011 – 12

Sam Lane

Pip Killingworth

2010 – 11

Chris Pearce

Noreen Dera

2009 – 10

Tom Kendall

Stephanie Austin

2008 – 09

Chris Martey

Sasha Blackwood

2007 – 08

Tim Dawson

Corette Lee

2006 – 07