Tracking Progress

Data recorded by tutors will be reviewed with students and a Progress Review will be completed during tutor Time. A copy of the Progress Review template is on this website.

We are able to track students’ progress and compare current working level with the target grade. Below is the planned schedule for the year for assessment, examinations and Parents Evening.

Year 12

Year 13

Y12 Data Home

7th Oct Y13 Data Home

23rd Sep

Y12 Data Home

2nd Dec Y13 Data Home

4th Nov

Y12 Mocks

W/B 5th Jan Y13 Mocks

W/B 5th Jan

Y12 Results Day

23rd Jan Y13 Results Day

23rd Jan

Y12 Parents Evening

28th Jan Y13 Parents Evening

28th Jan

Y12 Data Home

24th Mar Y13 Data Home

24th Mar

Y12Reports Home

30th Mar Y13 Reports Home

30th Mar

Study Guide

Smart Targets