Examples of Smart Targets


  • I will learn and use scientific vocabulary accurately
  • I will work on essay planning following guidelines
  • I will use a wider range of structures and vocabulary
  • I will use references to support my arguments
  • I will read beyond the confines of the syllabus to support my studies
  • I will complete exam style questions in preparation for exams
  • I will practise writing timed essays
  • I will attempt to complete more demanding questions for homework
  • I will attempt a greater quantity of work for homework
  • I will consolidate class work every day by expanding my notes
  • I will complete the first (second, third) draft of my coursework by…
  • I will complete work on time so that I can take on board constructive feedback
  • I will research a greater range of artists/actors/plays in order to inform my portfolio


  • I will work harder
  • I will try harder
  • I will revise more
  • I will learn more
  • I will read more
  • I will not go on Facebook
  • I will stay in more
  • I will do less paid work
  • I will not waste time in the Common Room