Work Experience

Christ the KIngCVA Work Experience

Work Experience

Giving students a positive and useful experience, with a strong focus on gaining an awareness of the world of work.

In order to ensure that students have a positive and useful experience, with a strong focus on gaining an awareness of the world of work, we have decided to implement the following:

Work Experience will not be compulsory for Year 10 students but will be available to those students who organise their own placement. This will ensure that students take full ownership of the process from job searching to applying, to placement. In past years, 96% of our students have attended a Work Experience placement.

The school will offer administrative support to ensure that all health and safety requirements are met. Students will not be able to complete work experience without these.

Work Experience may only take place during the week commencing 22nd June 2020 to Friday 26th June 2020. Students wishing to undertake further work experience should arrange to complete this during school holidays, so as to minimise disruption to learning in Year 10, or with prior agreement from Ms Love(Head of School).

Those students who do not take part in work experience will be required to attend school, where a suitable learning experience will take place.

Students are given a unique password and detailed instructions on how to use the Safety Measures website to find and arrange their placement. These passwords are handed out before Christmas.

The school will offer administrative support to students who need help sourcing a placement and completing any necessary paperwork required for their placement. (Some placements may require students to send in a CV and/or covering letter (check out useful documents for further information).

After you have attended the information evening which is held in January, you should already know of somewhere that your child wishes to go, then please contact Mr Pringle, our Work Experience Manager, if you experience any difficulties and he will talk you through how to manage your child’s placement through the Safety Measures website.

Drop-in support sessions will also be commencing after February half-term during Tuesday and Thursday lunchtimes in E5 – please encourage your child to attend these sessions if they are struggling to source a placement.