Communications learning area is located in Holywell House, It covers English (Language and Literature) and Modern Foreign Languages. Our students are encouraged to expand their vocal skills through learning other languages, experiencing differing literature and reading in class. Through reading a variety of literatures, our young people are challenged and developed into thinking about causes and effects surrounding varying written works.

Ms J Collins and Mrs P Bingham- Directors of Learning
Mrs R. Shardlow-Shields – Lead Practitioner

Teaching Staff for this Learning Area:
Ms J Collins (English)
Mrs. P Bingham (English)
Mrs. F Mansell (English)
Mr. A Lowe (English)
Miss A Sothgate (English)
Mr G Wilson (English)
Mrs R Shardlow-Shields (English)
Mrs Dennis (Modern Languages)
Ms. G Hurst (Modern Languages)
Mrs. E Wall (Modern Languages)