Holywell is known as the Lourdes of Wales.

The church at Holywell is named after a nun named Winifred, and St Winifred’s Church is said to have been built at the spot where she returned from the dead. Throughout the middle ages, people made the pilgrimage to Holywell, including King Henry V. The water from St Winifred’s Well is said to have the power to heal people. Disaster struck Holywell in the early part of the 20th century, when lead mining caused the well to dry up temporarily.

The tutors in Holywell House are from the Communications Learning Area, and are all specialists in either Modern Foreign Languages or English. To celebrate achievement parents are notified in writing of their child’s success through Departmental postcards. Weekly Acts of Worship are also a time when we come together as a house to reflect on pastoral, spiritual, or religious themes.