Modern Foreign Languages

In the Modern Foreign Languages Department we teach both French and Spanish. All students begin Year 7 by learning French, before having the option (depending on ability) to take up Spanish in Year 8; in preparation for their options in Year 9. Both languages are popular option choices.

Students are also given the opportunity to visit Paris during Key Stage 3 and it has proven to be a trip full of many wonderful memories. In addition to the trip to Paris, the department has been able to offer an invaluable opportunity for students to savour the delights of mainland Spain. It is hoped that such wonderful and sometimes life-changing experiences can instil a strong sense of language learning which many young people take with them into adulthood.

Awarding body: Edexcel
AS level modules

A2 level modules

  • Unit 1 Spoken expression and response.
  • Unit 3 Understanding and spoken response.
  • Unit 2 Understanding and written response.
  • Unit 4 Research. Understanding and written response Students will take part in debates, group work, independent research, foreign film cinema trips and visits to Universities. Students will develop skills in listening, speaking reading and writing through the study of the following topic areas:

AS topic areas A2 topic areas

  • Youth, culture and concerns.
  • Lifestyle: health and fitness.
  • The World around Us: travel, tourism, environmental issues and the target language country.
  • Education and Employment.
  • Customs, traditions, beliefs and religions.
  • National and International events; past, present and future.
  • Literature and the Arts.

In Year 12 (AS), the topic areas studied are assessed in an Oral Examination, in which students can choose one of the four AS topic areas. They will be expected to interact and respond to arrange of questions on the topic of choice. There is also a Listening and Reading exam, which requires students to understand and convey their understanding of French/Spanish language texts and recordings. In addition, students will be required to produce a short essay of 200-220 words.

In Year 13 (A2), students take an oral exam in which they debate and discuss an issue of their choice. There is also a Written exam which requires students to complete a short written translation from English into French/Spanish, a French/Spanish language essay, and a research-based essay in French/Spanish (240-270 words) on a subject of their choice.

Minimum entry Requirements
In order to study either/both languages at this level, you must have at least a grade B at GCSE.

Having a language at A level opens a wealth of opportunities in employment. International and Multi-national companies are always seeking linguists to be able to work with businesses abroad. Other professions open to you would include interpreting, teaching and interpreting. Having a language together with IT. Law, Finance or Sales Skills would also open up many more employment opportunities.

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