In Art at Keys stage 3, students are given the opportunity to develop their imagination and creativity using a range of different skills in a variety of different contexts. We employ a wide variety of Teaching and Learning styles so students of all abilities can gain confidence while exploring and refining their work. Our approach is to mix traditional with more contemporary Art so the students gain a broader understanding of what Art is now and what is has been before. These ideas are developed through projects which look at portraiture, landscape and still life themes. Emphasis is placed on establishing strong painting and drawing skills which then inform 3D work, printing, use of photography and other mixed media techniques. Project themes also link other areas of the students’ curriculum such as Religious Studies, Technology, Maths and English.

In Year 8, committed students are invited to attend our Art Academy where they have the opportunity to develop their interest and enthusiasm further. They follow an exciting journey of artistic discovery as they complete work which results in the students achieving the Bronze Art Award (recognized qualification). Students have attended ceramic workshops delivered by practicing artists and visit local exhibitions.

At Key stage 4, Fine Art is studied at GCSE level and follows the OCR syllabus. Art is a popular and successful option at our school. The qualification builds on the knowledge, skills and understanding gained at Key Stage 3 and follows a similar structure.

In Year 9 and 10, students widen their experiences as they continue to experiment with media, materials and techniques. The work of other artists are studied in more depth and are used as an influence for the students’ own ideas.

In Year 11 the students are formally assessed in two areas:

Portfolio Project (theme is set internally) = 60% of qualification

Externally set task =40% of qualification

Each area takes the form of a practical project which is developed over a number of months where the students respond to a given theme. They produce and present a body of work and final outcomes which are assessed internally and then moderated by the exam board.


A level Fine Art is studied in the sixth form and as with GCSE, students follow the OCR syllabus. This is a two year course where the students are formally assessed at the end of Year 13.

Successful candidates will have studied the subject at GCSE level, and work more independently expressing their personal interests and opinions in traditional and contemporary media and techniques. Students have their own sixth form studio where they can spend extra time developing their work. Each year they present their pieces in the form of an exhibition which is open to the wider school community. This annual event serves not just to celebrate their achievements but focuses the students to present their work in more mature way. This approach to studying Art at A level has led many students to continue their passion at higher levels at universities and colleges.

For any further information, please contact:

John McGahey Head of Art