Media Studies

Media Studies continues to be a very popular option at both GCSE and AS/A2 level where the excellent exam results and exciting projects make it a flourishing and highly successful subject area. Media Studies is a subject that is very accessible in that it focuses on many of the issues that students are already aware of and enjoy including cinema, television, newspaper, magazines, music and advertisements.

Today, more than ever, the media plays an integral role in our lives and in order to appreciate the effect it has on us, we need to be media literate. This subject offers students the chance to develop the skills necessary to analyse media texts, understand how and by whom they are produced, explore issues of media ownership online no prescription pharmacy canada, buying medicine from canada online clomid in women over 40 Pharmacy Delivery Service, clomid 50mg were can i buy it Canadian Online Drugstore and to appreciate how new technologies are changing the way in which we consume the media. We teach students how to consider such products critically, thinking analytically about how they are created and consumed. Above all, students should become more conscious of their media consumption habits and more inclined to question what they are consuming.

During the recent Emmanuel refurbishment project, a new media suite was created. This will allow more classes to use Apple Macs with iMovie for creating their media projects. Projects this year have included film trailers for a horror genre film of the students own devising, the opening to thriller films and music videos.

Media Studies students often go on to study the Media at University and then take up successful careers within this field, ranging from programme producers for BBC television, web designers, journalists and even a Radio 1 DJ.