Physical Education

The Physical Education Department aims to provide all students with a positive experience within their PE lessons and extra-curricular activities. We aim to encourage a lifelong interest in sport and a healthy lifestyle and strive to ensure that each and every student has the opportunity to develop physically, socially and morally within the department’s programmes of learning. Our main aim is to have more of our pupils taking part in sport and physical activity within school, as well as increasing the opportunities these pupils have to compete in these activities against other schools.

Year 8 BasketballPE is taught to all students at Key Stages 3 and 4 where they receive two hourly lessons per week. Classes are taught in single gender groups of mixed ability where students are given the opportunity to study a variety of sports and skills as they participate in activities such as basketball, netball, rugby, football, volleyball, tennis, rounders, gymnastics, dance and athletics. We aim to encourage students to develop their techniques and skills by applying them to the different activities through a safe and co-operative environment.

As a department we offer a wide range of Extra Curricular activities for pupils during lunchtime and after school (See extra curricular timetable). During these periods, we have 15 clubs running per week as well as fixtures in a variety of team and individual sports. We enter local and national competitions for all age groups in football, rugby, netball, basketball, rounders and athletics.

At the start of Key Stage 4, pupils have the further option to pick to study GCSE PE or Btec Sport. Btec Sport is a coursework based subject which focuses on all areas of sport and physical activity. Over the two year course, four units of work are studied ranging from sport psychology and how the mind affects your sporting success, to fitness testing methods and how we can identify individual’s fitness levels. GCSE PE is a mixture between practical and theory, with 60% of the course based on how good a pupil is in four different sports. The other 40% comes from the theory exam and this focuses on topics such as methods of training, initiatives to increase participation in sport and reasons for exercise. It must be noted, that regardless of whether you pick PE or not, all pupils will receive two hours of high quality PE per week from Years 7-11.

At Key Stage 5 we offer A Level Physical Education and this is a perfect continuation of GCSE PE from Key Stage 4. This is a classroom based course where pupils study the ‘biology of sport.’ Specific topics include sport psychology, energy systems and the biomechanics of sport. We also run a sixth form football team and have regular training sessions to improve skill levels. This team enters regional, county and national football competitions.

Gymnastics Year 7 Lesson3In order to cater for gifted and talented pupils, we run football and rugby academy sessions during the school week, outside of the pupil’s 2 hours PE per week. For these sessions, pupils will come off timetable and receive two hours of high quality coaching in order to develop their skill levels and make them better at their sport. The football sessions are run by Nottingham Forest Football Club and they deliver academy based sessions to pupils in Years 7-10. The rugby sessions are delivered by coaches from Mellish Rugby Club, providing excellent links between the club and the school.

The PE department also offer a wide range of Extra Curricular activities (See extra curricular timetable) and school teams for students, with clubs running at lunchtimes and after school. These range from football, netball and basketball to rugby and volleyball. School teams have a long history of great success with students often going on to represent the County and England in their chosen sports.