Literacy at Christ the King

At Christ the King Catholic Voluntary Academy Literacy is important in every subject your child will study. Our literacy policy states:

We will challenge each other to set and achieve the highest goals in academic subjects and personal development”

Christ the King Catholic Voluntary Academy Mission Statement


Literacy underpins the school curriculum by developing students’ abilities to speak, listen, communicate, think, explore and organise. Therefore all teachers are teachers of literacy. As such the staff at Christ the King is committed to developing literacy skills in all pupils.

Christ the King recognises that:-

  • improving literacy can impact on pupils’ self-esteem, motivation and behaviour. It allows them to learn independently. It is empowering, opening up personal pathways to success, central to personal expression and active participation in society, the economy and culture.
  • pupils need vocabulary, expression and organisational control to cope with the cognitive demands of different subjects within the curriculum
  • reading helps pupils learn from sources beyond their immediate experience
  • writing helps pupils to sustain and order their thoughts
  • language helps students to reflect, revise and evaluate in both written and spoken word
  • responding to higher order questions encourages the development of thinking skills and enquiry

Aims of this guide:

In this guide you will find an outline of the key areas of literacy at Christ the King Catholic Voluntary Academy and some suggestions about how you can support your child during their time with us. There are also some useful resources that we use in school that can help your child to check their literacy in their homework, these are in the form of our Literacy Mat and Guidelines for Presentation. Finally there are some key words for the subjects your child with study in Year 7, you can use the spelling advice page to support your child in practising the spelling of these words at home.