The more your child reads, the more confident and skilful s/he will become. Reading is the key to success in English and is therefore important to achieve across the curriculum. Good reading helps to improve a child’s ability in speaking and listening and writing. It is therefore vital to a child’s achievement. We recommend that you encourage your child to read for at least 20 minutes a night.

To help your child achieve this, try some of the following:

  • set a good example and let your child see you reading
  • talk to your child about what you have read. This includes newspapers, magazines and books
  • read to your child
  • listen to your child read aloud as often as possible, preferably everyday
  • encourage your child to try out new books by borrowing from friends, visiting the LRC, local library or buying texts recommended by friends, family or school
  • recommended reading can be found on the school website, in the LRC and on the reading group’s webpage
  • discuss stories they have read; ask questions about the plot and the characters and whether they enjoyed the story
  • help your child to build their vocabulary by encouraging them to look up words in the dictionary
  • develop your child’s fluency by reading with them, helping them to tackle words with which they have difficulty
  • if your child finds reading a chore, encourage them to try magazines, comics, short stories, poetry or information about an interest or hobby. Favourite films and TV programmes may also provide a way in

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