Spelling is a key skill in children’s written work. Their vocabulary improves as they read and they should try out new words in their own writing. There are different strategies that you can encourage your child to use to help them become confident:

Use a dictionary

Come up with silly sayings to help e.g. never believe a ‘lie’ to remember the ie in believe

Look Say Cover Write Check

  • Look at the word and see how it is spelt
  • Say the word
  • Cover the word
  • Write the word
  • Check the spelling is correct

Split words up into parts to make learning the whole word easier e.g. in to syllables – re-mem-ber

Look for words within words e.g. since and rely together make sincerely

Use computer spell checkers

Congratulate your child on their efforts and success! Even if they still make mistakes as this will encourage them to try harder. Let your child use the strategies they find most helpful

Literacy 7