Year 8 Technology Projects

Year 8 Projects

Resistant Materials – We live, we move, we forget. This product encompasses traditional construction in wood joints to create a geometric shape which then allows the students to add an organically designed lid to finish the piece. The project focuses on quality of finish and precision. The product has been designed to keep items safe for short or long term storage.

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Graphics – current regenerating, more to come.

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Textiles – in the modern day of combining function with decoration, this project see the students developing their skills to create a wall hanging using sublimation printing to add a little CAD and personalisation.

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Food – I love fast food ! This is all well and good but we need to be health conscious these days so we take the love of pizza and kebabs and take on these unhealthy options and try and to reduce the calorie count amongst other things. Can we topple the chip shop as the healthiest form of takeaway food ?

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CAD/CAM – Currently being redeveloped. Please come back for updates

Structures – Why do structures exist, why do they stand up, why or how can they support various weights ??? we take the students on a magical tour through theory and more importantly practical pieces to open their awareness of the built environment.

STEM at Christ the King

STEM stands for science, technology, engineering and maths. A few years ago the government recognised that students in England weren’t choosing these subjects even though the economy relies on the growth of STEM based industry. They also recognised that students tended to compartmentalise their learning, and couldn’t see the links between the subjects. At Christ the King we are breaking down the barriers by creating the links within the lessons and in the spring term a project that will encompass all the STEM subjects with a little Business Studies thrown in will be taking place.