KS4 Science

KS4 Science begins in year 9 where students are taught for 8 lessons across a 2 week timetable.  In years 10 and 11 this is increased to 9 hours.

All students will complete one of the two GCSE courses which is a combination of Biology, Chemistry and Physics.  This is called Combine Science: Trilogy from AQA. Triple Science is a three GCSE course consisting of Biology, Chemistry and Physics. All exams are taken at the end of Year 11. All courses cover the following topics in differing levels of detail (* Triple Science only):

B1 – Cell structure and transport

B2 – Cell division

B3 – Organisation and the digestive system

B4 – Organising animals and plants

B5 – Communicable diseases

B6 – Preventing and treating disease

B7 – Non-communicable diseases

B8 – Photosynthesis

B9 – Respiration

B10 – The human nervous system

B11 – Hormonal coordination

B12 – Homeostasis in action*

B13 – Reproduction

B14 – Variation and evolution

B15 – Genetics and evolution

B16 – Adaptations, interdependence and competition

B17 – Organising an ecosystem

B18 – Biodiversity and ecosystems


C1 – Atomic structure

C2 – The periodic table

C3 – Structure and bonding

C4 – Chemical changes

C5 – Chemical calculations

C6 – Electrolysis

C7 – Energy changes

C8 – Rates and equilibrium

C9 – Crude oil and fuels

C10 – Organic reactions*

C11 – Polymers*

C12 – Chemical analysis

C13 – Earth’s atmosphere

C14 – Earth’s resources

C15 – Using our resources*



P1 – Conservation and dissipation of energy

P2 – Energy transfer by heating

P3 – Energy resources

P4 – Electric circuits

P5 – Electricity in the home

P6 – Molecules and matter

P7 – Radioactivity

P8 – Forces in balance

P9 – Motion

P10 – Forces and motion

P11 – Pressure and surfaces*

P12 – Wave properties

P13 – Electromagnetic waves

P14 – Light*

P15 – Electromagnetism

P16 – Space*


Useful websites and Apps:

Combined Science AQA website for specification, specimen paper and mark schemes:


Triple Science AQA website for specification, specimen paper and mark schemes:




Kerboodle for the digital textbook, revision check lists, self-assessment tests and assignments that teachers set: