What will I study?

Sociology studies the way society is organised and the impact of society on people.  The core themes throughout the course include the divisions and inequalities within society and the processes which help people become a member of their society and lead them to create their identity.  A key element of study is research methods.

Year 1 covers Families and Households (chosen option) with Education and Research Methods (compulsory content).

Year 2 cover Beliefs in society (chosen option) with Crime and Deviance, Theory and Research methods (compulsory content).

How will I be assessed?

The AQA sociology course is on the new specification with decoupled AS and A level exams.

AS / Year 12

Each of the 2 papers is a 1 ½ hour exam totalling 60 marks worth 50% of the AS result. 

  • Paper 1; Families and Household with Research Methods
  • Paper 2; Education with Researching Education

Assessment is through a range of shorter questions and 20 mark essay based questions.

A level / Year 13

Each of the 3 papers is a 2 hour exam totalling 80 marks and worth 33.3% of the A level result.

Assessment is through a range of shorter questions and more extended writing including 20 or 30 mark essays.

  • Paper 1; Education with Theory and Methods
  • Paper 2; Topics in Sociology; Families and Households, Beliefs in Society
  • Paper 3; Crime and Deviance with Theory and Research Methods.

Personal Qualities

All students will need to be interested in ideas with a love of reading.  Good organisation, being able to meet deadlines and effectively apply feedback are vital skills as is an interest in current affairs.  Students also need to be able to debate issues and be prepared to challenge and be challenged on their points of view. 

Career Prospects

Students can choose to go onto study sociology at university; sociology is often offered as a joint degree with another subject and works particularly well with criminology, psychology or geography.

Sociology is useful in many careers including nursing, child care and social work, teaching, journalism and any role involved with working with people. 

Useful Links and Reading