Gold D of E Qualifying Walk

September 19, 2016 1:30 pm

Gold D of E Qualifying Walk  

This year Christ the King are running the Gold Award only. Students who have already completed Bronze and Silver and are at the 6th form level were able to put themselves forward to be considered. We took 10 such students to Edale on Saturday 17th September and put them through their paces looking at their physical, mental abilities and teamwork skills whilst completing  10 mile hike over the Kinder Scout Plateau.

Candidates worked in a range of groups and physically were scrambling, walking through bogs whilst navigating distance of up to 1400m on bearings using techniques to ensure accuracy. Lastly they were constantly asked all day to justify all their decisions when looking for a feature that was pin prick on a map.

The success 7 will be back out in October for further training.

Mr Bull – Alex Hoyle – Owen Moore – Stuart Wright

D of E team