Year 11 Parents Evening – 25 March

March 23, 2021 10:25 am

We would like to invite you to attend our Year 11 Parents’ Evening on 25th March 2021, from 3.30pm to 6.30pm. The evening will provide you with an opportunity to discuss your child’s progress, the focus being what is going well for your child and what they need to do to improve.

Following the cancellation of the GCSE examinations, you will be aware that GCSE grades will be awarded via Teacher Assessed Grades this year. Whilst we are happy to discuss the process of awarding final grades, teachers are not able to discuss the actual grades awarded to your child. We know that this is a really uncertain and anxious time for your child but please do not put our staff in a difficult position by asking for information about final grades that they are not able to give.

As we are still not able to host parents’ evenings in school due to Covid restrictions, the Year 11 Parents’ Evening will take place via video appointments. To support this, we are using an online video and appointment booking system, provided by School Cloud. This will allow you to book your own appointment times with teachers which will be confirmed by return email. Please be aware, as with in-person parents’ evenings, where teachers teach more than one group, they may not be able to meet with all parents, therefore only those parents that have made appointments can be seen. Appointments for the evening can be made from Friday 12th March at 9.00am until Thursday 25th March at 3.15pm. You can access bookings at:

Parents and carers that are listed as Priority One and Two contacts, which will include parents and guardians who have parental responsibility as well as those with a court order in place, will be able to access School Cloud. When you first login, you will be asked for an email address; this does not have to be the email address that you listed on your child’s data collection form, it is only for School Cloud to send a confirmation email to you when you have successfully booked and saved your appointments.

On the evening of your appointments, you will simply need to login using the same link and follow the onscreen instructions. You will see a schedule for the timing of the appointments along with the teacher’s name and there will be a large square which states Start Appointment; in order to begin the appointment, you have to press this. The video appointment will begin when the teacher also presses this. Once a call has finished, the schedule will update and then the next call will need to be initiated. There is no need to sign in or out. At the end of all scheduled appointments, a confirmation button indicating that the appointments have finished will show and prompt you to sign out. Each appointment will be five minutes long and there will be a countdown included in this. The appointment cannot be extended; when the countdown gets to zero, the software automatically stops the call. The appointment begins at the allotted time of booking; therefore, if you are late, you can join within the remaining time of the five minutes, however, the appointment cannot be extended. Unfortunately, if the appointment is missed, there is no way to rearrange this.

In order to access School Cloud, you will not need to install any new software as the video appointments run through the School Cloud website and it is compatible with the following web browsers:

• iPhone/iPad: Safari
• Android: Chrome or Firefox
• Windows: Chrome, Firefox, or Edge (latest version only)
• Mac: Safari, Chrome, or Firefox

The minimum requirement for this software to work is an audio connection*.

Parents or teachers joining a video call using an iPhone/iPad running iOS 14.2 are likely to experience stuttering audio which may stabilize itself after some time. This issue is not specific to SchoolCloud Parents Evening and affects joining any video through the Safari browser on iOS 14.2. This is caused by a bug in iOS 14.2 which is logged on Apple’s bug tracker. We recommend you not use Apple devices running iOS 14.2.

This will be the first time the school uses this software with Year 11 and whilst we are hopeful that all elements have been considered, there may be some technical issues; we ask for your patience during this time. We have included a Parents’ Guide information sheet to support you with the process and you can also access further support at:

We hope that you will find School Cloud straightforward and easy to use, however If you have any queries regarding using the software please do not hesitate to contact us on: