Our world is changing fast!

Careers Education Information Advice and Guidance

What is the point of Careers Education?

Our world is changing fast!  It is predicted that the global economy will double in size by 2030.  Statistics suggest that there are 3 million fewer low skilled jobs today than in the previous decade and today’s learners will have had 10 jobs by the time they are 38.  Our children will need different skills to those that we developed at school.  Most importantly they will need skills that they can transfer to a variety of different jobs.

Our careers programme aims to support all of our young people in the growth and progress towards a fulfilling life.  Government guidelines suggest that good careers information is based around six major principles:  empowering young people to plan and manage their own futures, responding to the needs of each learner, providing comprehensive information and advice, raising aspirations, actively promoting equality of opportunity and challenging stereotypes, helping young people to progress.  Christ the King strives to meet these principles through engagement with employers and using activities such as mock interviews, Choices Days and careers interviews.

The CTK Careers Programme

The Christ the King Careers Programme has been developed to equip students with the skills necessary to lead a successful life.  We believe that young people need to grow holistically; not only do they need to be aware of courses, career paths and qualifications, they also need to understand what they are capable of achieving, how to manage transitions and how to progress.

During Key Stage 3

Students are introduced to different careers and the skills required for them. Alongside this, a strong emphasis is placed upon supporting them to understand their own personalities, abilities, likes and dislikes. Students are also given the opportunity to engage with employers at local Skills Shows and to begin to develop interview skills through Careers lessons.

In Year 8, students consider their choices for Key Stage 4.  They begin to consider their future aspirations and how to begin to prepare for them.  A key point in the Options process is the end of Key Stage 3 Choices Day and Options Evening.  These allow students to discuss their progress and abilities with their teachers. Students are also given access to an online independent Careers guidance website as well as opportunities to engage with employers at Skills Shows and external events.  For example, in 2017, Year 8 students attended an NHS Health and Social care show hosted by Kingsmill Hospital where they gained a range of experience of careers within the NHS, including STEM careers.

In Year 9, students continue to develop their employability skills through Careers lessons focusing on developing employability skills such as CV writing, critical thinking and Interview skills. Students also have access to independent Careers guidance by revisiting an online independent Careers guidance tool.

During Key Stage 4

Through a range of events, including those hosted by employers and careers services, Year 10 and 11 students continue to look ahead, acquiring the skills and knowledge essential for managing their futures.   Year 10 attend mock interviews and take part in a Work Experience placement.  We also host a Speed-networking event with local employers, invite employers to lead careers-focused assemblies and host a STEM Careers fair. Teaching staff also raise awareness of Careers in their subjects to increase students’ awareness of different vocations.

Year 11s have a Choices Morning where they attend workshops hosted by universities; apprenticeship and traineeship agencies; presentations about HE college courses; as well as CTK Sixth Form taster sessions and an Open Evening. Every student will also have an interview to establish their next steps and if they require further guidance from an independent careers adviser.

Sixth Form Careers (see Sixth Form area of our website)

Careers Activities

Throughout their time at Christ the King, students will be involved in many of the following:

  • Enrichment days
  • Enterprise days
  • Careers Fairs
  • Speed-networking with employers
  • Apprenticeships workshops
  • Skills Show Trips
  • Mock interviews
  • Careers Workshops
  • Help with application forms, interviews, covering letters and CVs
  • IT sessions
  • Work Experience
  • Options Booklet
  • Year 10 Choose Success Evening
  • Support from Nottingham Futures
  • Development of self-reflection on residential trips to The Briars
  • Dedicated support from your form tutor, Achievement Leader and Careers Coordinator (Mrs Myatt)

Further information

Further information, links and support can be found at

Our academy are committed to ensuring that every pupil has access to relevant careers’ guidance.  Our academy uses the Compass tracking tool to monitor and evaluate the impact of our careers’ programme. Currently, student and employer evaluations and interviews in Year 11 also enable us to monitor the effectiveness of our programme, co-ordinated by our Work-Related Learning Coordinator. We also evaluate our progress towards the Gatsby Careers’ Benchmarks in November and July, using COMPASS tracker:  

School contact for employers and agencies – Mrs Myatt (Careers Co-ordinator)