Remote Learning

Please find below the remote learning package that we are currently offering for our students.

OLoL CMAT schools are now fully open to all pupils and operating a full timetable of lessons.

Should any student test positive for Covid Christ the King will provide any work via Teams but not on-line if the student is unwell. Should any student be off for a period of isolation with or without Covid but are fit and well, parents may contact the school to request access to ‘on-line’ lessons; it will be at the discretion of (Insert School name) as to the number and frequency of on-line lessons that can be provided during the student‘s absence.

In the case of any future lockdowns, where Christt the King is required to fully or partially close, staff will revert to the timetable as set out in this Remote Learning (Protocol/Policy).

Your child will receive their full allocation of lessons that they would if they were in school. This is 5 lessons per day and also includes tutor time from 8.45-9.05am. The only slight alteration to the provision is that lesson 2 and 3 will each reduce by five minutes to ensure that your child has a break from the screen between all lessons. The same is in place for in between lessons 4 and 5. The timings of the school day for Key Stage 3 and 4 are shown below:

Tutor Time: 8.45-9.05
Lesson 1: 9.05-10.05
Lesson 2: 10.25-11.20am
Lesson 3: 11.30-12.25pm
Lesson 4: 1.05-2.00pm
Lesson 5: 2.10-3.05pm

Please find below adocument which gives you more information about the remote learning provision which is currently in place for Christ the King CVA students and also a guide for students using Teams.

When your child is self-isolating, it is important that they continue with their education wherever possible. We suggest that your child attends live lessons through Microsoft teams, in line with their timetable, and an invite to these lessons will be sent by your child’s class teacher to their school email address.

If your child is self-isolating then we have asked teachers to deliver live lessons to your child wherever possible. The following instructions should help you with set up for these lessons:

  1. An email will be sent to your child’s school email address from the class teacher
  2. This email will contain an invite to the lesson. When the lesson is scheduled to start (please see your child’s timetable), click on the email and ‘accept’ the invite. The other option at this point is to ‘Join the Teams meeting’ which will be at the bottom of the invite.
  3. If you click on ‘Join the Teams meeting’ then Microsoft teams will automatically open up (if you have the app on your device) and you should be able to click ‘Join Meeting’ which is located in the top right hand corner of the screen.
  4. When your child is in the lesson, their camera and microphone should be turned off. This will allow your child to focus on the lesson and not be seen by other students in their home.
  5. When the teacher gives input in the lesson ie. Talks to the group, they will unmute your child’s microphone so that your child can hear what is being delivered.
  6. If your child has a question within the lesson, they can use the chat function on teams which allows a question to be typed into.

We feel it is vital that all children are still given access to their education, especially when they are self-isolating and not in school. Your child will have access to the teacher input and the tasks that their peers are undertaking within the classroom. However, the initial priority for our teachers is with the students in the classroom and this is why the lesson is likely to be muted apart from when the teacher is delivering input.