The 6th Form Day

Tutor Time

The start of the day for sixth form students begins with tutor time. Sixth form tutor groups involve a mixture of Year 12 and Year 13 students which allows new friendships to be developed. Alongside this, our expert tutors provide a structured program of activities which allow your child to be supported in all aspects of school life.

During tutor time, students undertake a variety of activities, such as the ‘Learning to Learn’ module, which helps them to plan out their learning during the school week, both in and out of school. During this part of the school day, your child will also be supported with University (UCAS) and apprenticeship applications.

On a weekly basis, your child will attend an Act of Worship which will be led by a tutor group in the House that they are assigned to. They will also take part in daily prayer within the tutor group environment.


Lesson Time

Your child will be expected to study three vocational or A Level subjects. It can be a combination of vocational and A Levels, they don’t have to choose one qualification pathway. Your child will undertake 9 hours of teaching per subject over a two week timetable, which leaves a number of hours of non contact time where they are expected to use the time in school to study and improve their subject knowledge. Much of this non contact time will be directed by subject staff so that they are being challenged academically to gain the best results possible.

As well as studying three subjects, your child will also undertake one hour of Core RE per week and one hour of Personal Development (CPSD) over the two week timetable. Core RE lessons are a key part of our school ethos in Post-16, and they allow students to study and discuss a number of different cultural and religious topics which are relevant in 21st Century Britain.

The CPSD sessions are led by the Head of Sixth Form, and they involve studying a variety of different topics such as student finance and Post 18 pathways. A number of external providers also come in and visit the students during this session. Current providers that we work with are Nottingham Trent University, DANCOP and ‘Brake’ the road safety charity who focus on road safety for new drivers.


The School Day

Timings of the school day are outlined below:

Tutor Time: 8.45-9.05

Lesson 1: 9.05-10.05

Break: 10.05-10.25

Lesson 2: 10.25-11.25

Lesson 3: 11.25-12.25

Lunchtime: 12.25-13.05

Lesson 4: 13.05-14.05

Lesson 5: 14.05-15.05