Set Work

670px-Cope-With-Lots-of-Homework-Step-5All students at Christ The King receive homework from every subject that they study within the school. Further to homework our students are encouraged to undertake reading, writing and research which further enhances their study.

 Why have Homework ?

  • A need equip students with skills that will support them during Ks4 and Ks5
  • Developing skills needed to become successful independent learners
  • To make the setting of homework more structured and easier to follow
  • Raise the profile of homework within school
  • To ensure homework is consistent across all subjects

 Homework – what has changed?

Move to subject specific homework booklets (excluding English, Maths and Languages)

  • A greater opportunity for in depth, focussed and innovative homework
  • Develop skills required to be successful independent learners
  • A simpler timetable to follow
  • An opportunity to develop a well presented and meaningful portfolio of work