Remote Learning

Please find below the remote learning package that we are currently offering for our students.

Your child will receive their full allocation of lessons that they would if they were in school. This is 5 lessons per day and also includes tutor time from 8.45-9.05am. The only slight alteration to the provision is that lesson 2 and 3 will each reduce by five minutes to ensure that your child has a break from the screen between all lessons. The same is in place for in between lessons 4 and 5. The timings of the school day for Key Stage 3 and 4 are shown below:

Tutor Time: 8.45-9.05
Lesson 1: 9.05-10.05
Lesson 2: 10.25-11.20am
Lesson 3: 11.30-12.25pm
Lesson 4: 1.05-2.00pm
Lesson 5: 2.10-3.05pm

Please find below an attached document which gives you more information about the remote learning provision which is currently in place for Christ the King CVA students.