Taking Immediate Action

We will always endeavour to work with parents to ensure that our students are kept safe. Naturally, we recognise that parents are the primary carers of their children and that they have a vital role to play in keeping them safe. Where possible, we always invite parents in to have face-to-face conversations if we feel that the safety of their child is at risk. We may also communicate with them via telephone, email, text or by letter to ensure that we are communicating effectively.

We also recognise however that there are occasions when it is in the child’s best interests NOT to inform parents when making a referral to Social Care or to the Police, if, for example, the parent is under the influence of drugs or alcohol, or if making the parents aware of the referral would place the child in even greater danger. We make no apologies for this and will use our professional judgement when making decisions about the best way forward to keep our students safe from harm.