Our Alumni


Kaydean Anderson

Class of 2015

Studied:   Chemistry, Biology and Psychology at A-Level and Physics at AS level.

My next step after sixth form…

After sixth form I went on to study Diagnostic Radiography at Birmingham City University and am due to graduate in June 2018.

How did the sixth form help me get where I am today…

I was supported throughout my studies in sixth form and they held UCAS application days in order to support our applications and help us through the process of applying to university.

Favourite memories…  

The sixth form Christmas parties we used to have in the hall!  They were a little bit embarrassing but they were a lot of fun and sitting outside with chairs in the summer time.

Advice to students…   

Enjoy this part of your study and make the most of the free time you have. Take this time to think about career goals and look into ways of developing yourself and your career early.




Felicity Saunders

Class of 2014

Studied:    English, Maths, Geography

My next step after sixth form… 

I achieved a First Class degree at The University of Northampton when studying a  Bsc. Accounting and Finance (Hons), and was also awarded a certificate for best financial accounting student 2017.

After completing the three year course, I was lucky enough to secure a job with one of the five largest and most respected Accountancy Firms in the world. The particular branch I work in is within Guernsey, Channel Islands, a financial hub and a beautiful holiday destination.

How did sixth form help me get where I am today… 

I used sixth form as a platform for my career in terms of academia and self-belief.  This helped me to seek out new opportunities and experiences i.e work experience, volunteering and travelling.

Favourite memories…

– The students and friends, teachers, sport and endless opportunities.

– As a sixth form student you are given more responsibility, flexibility and are treated as more of an adult as you begin to build new and stronger relationships with your teachers. For example, they understand that these two years are crucial in terms of decision making and are wiling to offer their guidance from past personal experiences or from prior students such as subject choices, work experience opportunities, choosing university courses and which city you’d prefer to study. The teachers that I will always be indebted to are and who as teachers helped make my CTK experience memorable;

  • Mr Morgan, Miss Leigh, Miss Zarzycki for helping me to pursue mathematics into my financial career.
  • Mr Short; one of the most intelligent people I have ever met and for me the best form tutor in history.
  • Miss Lloyd/Lindley for my love of Netball and Sport.
  • Mr Lightfoot’s encouragement and support, life lessons and advice on everything and anything.

– Volunteering at Lourdes was a key and memorable week that all my previous employers from retail to the finance industry have recognised and commended me on. As yes, academia is considerably important but employers, lecturers and your future colleagues also want to hire real people who are going to be an asset to the firm in terms of personality and sense of self. This is also similar to having played and thoroughly enjoying netball all through my CTK career to which I continued through University and now for a local Guernsey squad.

Advice to Students…

  • No question is classed as a stupid question- its better to ask than to struggle.
  • Plan, do, check, review! – all goals can be met with these.
  • Nothing is going to be handed to you without hard work – by putting in maximum effort in now can open many doors in the future.
  • The golden rule;  ‘It is nice to be important but it is important to be nice’.



Thomas Kendall 

Class of 2009

Studied:   Maths, Further Maths (AS), English (Lit/Lang), Philosophy and Ethics, French

My next step after sixth form…

My next step after 6th form was to join Warwick University to study Maths and Philosophy. During my degree I spent a fully paid for year studying Maths in Geneva and completed two teaching placements in South Africa. I graduated in 2012 with a First Class Hons degree having achieved the highest mark on my course every year whilst I was at the university. Following this I completed the Teach First programme and am now a Maths Teacher at Michaela Community School, a revolutionary Free School trying to change the face of education. Over the past four years I have also led teacher training conferences in India, Guyana and Tanzania.

How did the sixth form help me get where I am today…

It was during Sixth Form and under the expertise of some incredible teachers that I developed a love of Maths and Philosophy. Sixth Form gave me a great balance of independence and structure through which to develop the knowledge and skills I needed to succeed at one of the top universities in the world.

Favourite memories…

My favourite memories of CTK 6th form are the tangents Mr Bussey’s lessons would go on, sharing his passion for both Maths and learning more generally.

Advice to students

Work incredibly hard.!  A Levels are a huge step up from GCSEs.  In every subject, get hold of a textbook and answer everything from it, then the nearer it becomes to your exams find and answer every past exam paper you can.



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