Christ the King Sixth Formers play a lead role in the school community. The CTK CARE Leadership Charter recognises the achievements of our Sixth Formers in leading initiatives across the school and beyond. This includes organising charity events, mentoring younger students and supporting at whole-school events. These leadership opportunities not only support personal growth but will also be tremendously useful for any job or university application. Our Sixth Formers are an essential part of school life at Christ the King. They are clearly visible around school and this is particularly the case on fundraising days, where the team not only plan but also run fundraising activities. A popular example is ‘Soak the teacher!’ Students also support the Chaplaincy Team.

We recognise the strengths of our Sixth Formers not only in public roles but also in Chaplaincy and mentoring. Students with an aptitude in particular subjects will be encouraged to support students in lower school with their studies. All of these opportunities will give our young people the ability to develop a well-rounded skill set and to operate, at times, outside of their comfort zone.