Date- Fridays p3 11.25-12.25Year 12Date-Thursday p1 9.05-10.05Year 13
8/1What University Can Do For You- Nottingham Trent University10/9UCAS Personal Statement Workshop- Nottingham Trent University
22/1Researching Your Options- Nottingham Trent University5/11DANCOP- Higher Level Apprenticeships- DANCOP-
26/2Higher Level Apprenticeships- DANCOP-19/11Young Driver Awareness- Braking Point  
23/4Your Next Steps into Higher Education- DANCOP-14/1Finance- Nottingham Trent University
21/5Choosing the Right Pathway- DANCOP28/1Stressless- Nottingham Trent University
11/6The UCAS Process- Nottingham Trent University11/2Thriving at University- Nottingham Trent University
25/6Visit to Nottingham Trent University  
9/7UCAS Personal Statement Workshop – Nottingham Trent University