Curriculum Intent

It is our intention that in English students will:

  • experience a variety of literature from different eras and cultures
  • develop a range of analytical skills when interpreting texts 
  • expand their speaking and listening skills
  • extend their ability to communicate with clarity, creativity and flair
  • develop a love of reading


Learning Experience

Students will experience a range of teaching and learning strategies in their English lessons. Working collaboratively and group discussion are a cornerstone of our lessons, as are the core skills of reading and writing. At KS3 students will use the LRC resources fortnightly as well as discussing their reading choices and progress with their classroom teacher. ‘Let’s Think in English’ lessons help young people develop the reasoning skills needed for success in English.  


Homework and Independent Study

Homework is set weekly by the classroom teacher. Where appropriate teachers will communicate tasks and deadlines using ‘Microsoft Teams’.