What is Literacy?

Your child needs to develop literacy skills in every subject at school. Literacy gives them access to every part of our curriculum.

Literacy 1Speaking:

e.g. taking part in class/group discussions; volunteering to answer questions; giving formal presentations; sharing ideas and supporting their peers

Literacy 2 Listening:

e.g. listening to instructions so that you can carry them out successfully; concentrating on what is being said to you; responding to the ideas of others in class.


Literacy 3Reading:

e.g. improving your reading skills by reading a variety of literature and non-fiction texts; developing an understanding of language, style and form; building vocabulary and understanding using a dictionary and/or a thesaurus.

Literacy 4Writing:

e.g. choosing the best form, style and language for the audience, purpose and form; presentation and layout; using ICT appropriately to communicate effectively; spellings and ways to learn them; grammar and punctuation – how they too can shape meaning.