Aspiring STEM Leaders Programme

We are proud to announce that we are finalists in the Rolls Royce Science awards 2016/2017.  The Rolls-Royce Science Prize was created to recognise and reward excellence in science teaching across the full spectrum of teaching contexts from special educational needs to high ability pupils.  From thousands of applicants our project has been chosen as one of the six projects that will run from September 2016 to May 2017 with the help of a mentor from Rolls-Royce.

The project is an Aspiring STEM Leaders and STEM enhancement programme, which will primarily be implemented with our A level students, but with the intention that this will cascade down and raise the level of attainment and aspiration throughout STEM subjects within the school.

This is what the programme organiser, Rani Gill says about our entry in this prestigious award;

“Rolls-Royce has long advocated science teaching in schools. For over a decade now the Rolls-Royce Science Prize has encouraged teachers to improve science teaching and inspire children with exciting, intellectually stimulating and relevant science education.  Christ the King Catholic Academy has risen to the challenge and has put forward an excellent proposal. I wish them the very best in the competition.” 

There are a number of objectives for this project which include:

  • Providing students with an opportunity to develop excellent practical skills, through initiatives such as technician workshops and work experience opportunities.
  • Partnering with academia and industry to provide students with a wider range of scientific opportunities. For example we will be partnering with Bristol University, to be one of the first schools in the country to adopt the 21st Century badging system.
  • Engaging with real world science, through the STEM Ambassador scheme and talks/workshops from outside agencies.
  • Increase access to local universities, through STEM outreach, taster days and summer placements.
  • Provide students opportunity to engage with their own research, with the help of an academic.
  • Provide students with the opportunity to engage in their own personal research through the CREST gold scheme, with the help of a scientific mentor, who is an expert in their field.
  • Build partnership relationships with organisations such as the Real world Science team at Wollaton Hall, Scientific Laboratory Supplies and other academic and industrial representatives.
  • To help students to develop the skills they need to be future leaders in the fields of Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics.

Please contact for more details. We will be providing regular updates of our progress and would love you to follow our project throughout the year.