Chaplaincy News

Our Lady of Lourdes Launch Event

In October Christ the King School and all the other schools in Nottinghamshire came together in Newark to celebrate the launch of the new Trust known as The Our Lady of Lourdes Catholic Multi-Academy Trust. The idea of this event was to celebrate the diversity of every school, that we are all unique but at the same time part of this joyous family of schools under the same roof of Jesus Christ. We had a really fun day with NDCYS, the Bishop and all the other primary and secondary schools of the Trust. As a school we took with us a selection of our Chaplaincy Team and some of our Sixth Form Spiritual Coordinators to be the face of our school and they had a really amazing time there. All in all it was a day full of joy and celebration for the coming together of this new Trust Dark.

Sixth Form Briars Retreat

This year the Sixth Formers at Christ the King had the opportunity to go to The Briars for the annual Sixth form retreat, not only were Christ the King able to attend but Trinity and The Beckett Sixth Forms were also invited for one retreat that would be not only a deeper look into their personal journeys in life and faith but also be a joyous time full of celebration and great games and fun throughout. The theme of this retreat was ‘Significance’ which allowed the young people of the schools to understand what makes them special and unique. This was joined all together nicely with lots of videos from ‘The Greatest Showman’ which sparked many lights inside us all and allowed us all to find our inner Show Man, who is Jesus Christ. A very clever and creative way of showing the young people that they are all wonderfully made in the eyes of God.

Children in Need Week

In November of 2018 we took part in the annual Children in Need fundraisers that were happening in many places across the country. We hosted a wide variety of events across a week, such as cake stalls which included games such as guess how many sweets were in the jar, and lead up to a Christ the King classic of soak the teacher which involves two members of staff sat down and pupils paying money to have sponges and buckets of water thrown over them. Hot dog sales as well racked up lots of sales and boosted our already high amount of earnings for Children in Need. That fact we had so many donations that weren’t even to do with buying cakes or paying to have buckets of water thrown over teachers shows how much pupils care for this charity and openly want to support the work that they do, we as a school stand by the amazing work that Children in Need do and will continue to do so, even if that means getting absolutely drenched in the process! For everyone involved in soak the teacher and all the pupils who gave up there time to help sell sweets and to all pupils who made a batch of hot dogs for pupils, thank you and God bless you for all the work that you have done.

Oscar Romero Day

On the 26th of November, the Becket held an afternoon, led by Bishop Patrick, to celebrate the life and work of the recently canonized Saint Oscar Romero. He was a man who stood up for the rights and livelihoods of the poor people in El Salvador who were being persecute by their own government. We had a lovely introduction from the Bishop who passed over to Ciara Hogan and Clare Dixon who told us all about his wonderful work and recalled the times they both went to El Salvador to see the work that Saint Oscar Romero had spent his entire life fighting for. He is not only an amazing Christian who stood up for the poorest of our society, but an inspiration to us all today and an example that we all should follow by standing up for those who have no voice. Just as Oscar Romero said to us all “We all need to be God’s microphone” and that still rings true to this day.

Christmas Concert 2018

Another year another great Christmas Concert! The students were all amazing from singers to rappers from rock music to more melodic songs, it was a night not to be missed. We were kicked off by a dramatic piece from our wonderful Sixth Form Drama Students, which then lead onto some of the finest musical talent that the school has to offer, beautiful songs were sung, lots of dancing and full pieces played on instruments. We all had to make way for the mince pie, tea and coffee break at the interval which promoted great conversations and all the more laughter to be shared amongst the parents and carers of the talented students at Christ the King. With all the amazing acts gone by it was time for the final performance of “This Is Me” from the Greatest Showman, what a great way to end an great night!

Christmas Liturgy

What a first term it has been, there has been laughter, love and joy and most of all a warm and clear sense of Christ amongst staff and pupils at Christ the King. All of the warmth felt was beautifully shown at the Church of the Good Shepherd where we drew the first term to a close before heading off for a much needed Christmas break. The liturgy itself was all prepared our Chaplaincy Team and Sixth Form Spiritual Coordinators and everything that was said came from their hearts. They stood up in front of the whole school and delivered a wonderful declaration of faith and read out what they had worked so hard on and which was so personal. The senior choir, led by Mr Akers, performed which brought another wave of talent and really showed how hard these student had worked over the years perfecting the dynamic they have. The liturgy drew to a close with a message from our Executive Principal Mr Cuomo and the whole school singing ‘O Come let us Adore him.’