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What a week!

We just wanted to send a quick email of thanks for all that you did for the ‘Race to Lourdes’ challenge. Whether it was your child, your children or the whole family together who got involved, you helped contribute towards something so special. It’s times like these that remind us how lucky we are to work in such an incredible community and your support has been remarkable. 

We are sure there will be many more Trust wide competitions like this in the future and we can’t wait to get going again. 

One last big THANK YOU from all of us,

The CTK PE Team

Year 6 Transition Video

Achievement Leaders

Year 7 – Miss L Bestwick –

Year 8 – Miss L Nelson –

Year 9 – Miss F Ollow –

Year 10 – Mr K Farrell –

Year 11 – Mrs F Mansell –

Updated 17 July 2020

OLoL Updates

Communication is key, as they say! We’ll keep in regular contact about any information we think may help.

During the closure period, our aim is to minimise the impact on the education of our students. We have prepared, and continue to prepare, schoolwork for all students across all year groups, with access to work in each of their subjects. Our preferred method is via ‘Microsoft Teams’ which is already used in school and can be accessed remotely with the same login details. A Student Guide on how to login can be found below.

If you have forgotten your password and/or need this reset, please contact You must email from an email address we have on SIMS or we will not be able to crossmatch the student and their details. 

Microsoft Teams

Microsoft Teams is the main way that Teachers will set work for students during the school closure period. Students should already be aware of this method. A PDF guide can be found below giving students details on how to access Microsoft Teams.

Chaplaincy Section

The Beatitudes have a big importance in our lives as a Catholic school. The Beatitudes are eight blessings from Jesus in His Sermon on the Mount. They present us with a new set of ideals that focus on love and humility which helps us shed light on our own loves and how we can know God better, through the words of Jesus.

During this time, we have changed the Beatitudes to signify how we can still show love and humility and be close to God in 2020 during this pandemic. Keep watching until the end as you have been set a challenge!

Below is a video of many churches around the UK singing a praise and worship song together during this pandemic to bless us all. It is beautiful and very powerful – so please watch yourself and share.

The Bishops’ Conference of England and Wales have suspended public worship and therefore the obligation to attend Mass on Sundays due to the Coronavirus Pandemic. Churches are encouraged to remain open for people to come and pray but that people socially distance themselves. There are links below to live streams of prayer and Mass from Bishop Patrick, our Cathedral and the youth service.

Bishop Patrick McKinney:

Saint Barnabas Cathedral:

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