A-LEVEL RESULTS DAY – Thursday 18th August – 09.00 -11.00am

GCSE RESULTS DAY – Thursday 25th August –  09.00-12.00pm


Certificates are now available for collection.

Please bring photo ID with you. If you are sending someone to collect them on your behalf, please email your permission and their name to examinations@christtheking.notts.sch.uk and include photo ID. The person must then bring their photo ID when they collect.

Please note that the school is only required to keep your certificates for a year but as a gesture of goodwill, the school keeps them for two years after which they are securely destroyed.  Copies are always available from the Exam Boards.

Please bring photo ID with you. If you are sending someone else to collect them for you, please email your permission to examinations@christtheking.notts.sch.uk and tell them to bring their own photo ID.

On-roll students who are wishing to pick up certificates  should email examinations@christtheking.notts.sch.uk


Students should email examinations@christtheking.notts.sch.uk and state:

  • Full Name
  • Candidate number
  • Last year exams sat
  • DOB

Students must inform Examinations of the date they intend to collect their certificates so that they can be prepared and checked.  Photo ID (driving licence, passport etc.) will be required when collecting certificates.  Whilst on the school site students must collect their certificates and leave directly.  They are forbidden to wander around the school seeking out friends or teachers.


These are available if students are unable to collect their certificates themselves.  The student must send a copy of their Driving Licence or a copy of the picture page of their passport together with the third party information.  Email examinations@christtheking.notts.sch.uk  with this information who will send a confirmation email to be passed on to the third party, which must then be presented to reception together with personal photo ID so that the third party can be identified.  Certificates will not be handed over unless the school can be satisfied that the transaction is genuine.  Christ the King Examinations must be informed of the date for the third party collection.

All requests can take up to two weeks to process.  Certificates will be placed at reception when they are ready for collection and the student informed.


The School is not required to store these indefinitely.  The Exam Boards’ requirement is that certificates are held for a year.  As a gesture of goodwill the school will extend this to two years.  Certificates for exams taken up to and including the Summer of 2019 have now been destroyed.


Christ the King can let you have a Statement of Results printed on school note paper for a fee of £10.  However please note the school’s electronic records only go back to the summer 2005.  It is a lengthy process to access the archives therefore requests can take up to 3 weeks to process.  Please email examinations@christtheking.notts.sch.uk with the following information:

  • Full Name
  • Candidate number
  • Last year exams were sat
  • DOB

Secure collection requirements are as per certificates.  Payment to be made directly to the school’s bank account or on sQUID (Miscellaneous).  You will be given the details when the request is processed.

Hyperlinks to exam boards:


If you have lost your certificates or did not collect them and they have now been destroyed you will have to contact the individual exam boards for copies (AQA, OCR, Edexcel, WJEC).  The school can let you have a statement of results printed on school note paper.  This service carries an administration fee of £10, but please note the school’s records only go back to the summer of 2003.  Please email with your full name, DOB and the year you last sat exams.  It is a lengthy process to access the archives so please allow up to 28 days for a reply.


Please check this page carefully to ensure that the information you need is not listed before you contact the very busy Exams Office. If the answer to your query is already listed you will be redirected back to the website.

The exams office can be contacted by email on examinations@christtheking.notts.sch.uk


The Exams office operates term time, normal school hours; the best way to contact the Exams Office is via email examinations@christtheking.notts.sch.uk