Faith in School

At Christ the King we have weekly Acts of Worship in the Hall to enable students to have an extended time of prayer and grow in their relationship with God. These are student led and allow students to make links between Scripture and our everyday lives. We also have liturgies to mark particular occasions such as Remembrance Day.

As well as Acts of Worship, we have a voluntary Mass and Confession once a month where students can come to the Chapel and regularly receive Confession. We also have House Masses in the Hall where the students do the readings, altar serving and a reflection. We begin our school year with a welcome Mass for year 7, we hope that they see in our school that the faith life is the top priority from their first day here. Allowing students opportunities to engage with the life of the Church is incredibly important to us at Christ the King. We want students to know that they are part of the Church and that God wants to encounter them in prayer and in the Sacraments.

We also encourage students to make links with their local Parishes. Most recently for the Feast of Christ the King we had students reading and altar serving in the local Churches. At Good Shepherd Church, the Christ the King band led the music and we had 37 students representing our school. On Education Sunday, we also had a member of the Senior Leadership Team speak at every local Parish, updating the congregation on what we are doing as a school to support students in their faith.