Lindisfarne House is named after the island of Lindisfarne, just off the north-east coast of England. It is also known as Holy Island.

House Leader – Mr Paul Lightfoot
Bede (KS3) – Mrs Rebecca Lewis
Brendan (KS3) – Mrs Alice Nicolson
Catherine (KS3) – Miss Liv Stapleton
Augustine (KS4) – Mrs Nina Wheat & Mrs Shelly Mastericks
Louise (KS4) – Mr Joshua Hudson
Dymphna (KS5) – Mr Simon Hughes

“Come to me, all who are weary and whose load is heavy – I will give you rest.” – Matthew 11-28

In 635AD, St. Aidan came from Iona to found a monastery on Lindisfarne. The Christian message flourished here and spread throughout the world. The island is a center of pilgrimage, but is also known for it’s tranquility, spirituality and scenic beauty, which attracts a multitude of visitors every year.

It is fitting that the house which contains our Religious Education department is named after a site of religious significance where the Christian message was promoted and where there was a source for spreading the word of God. Christianity features as a large part of everyday life at Christ the King Catholic Voluntary Academy, you can find more information in the Catholic Life section of the site.