Acts of Worship

At Christ the King, Acts of Worship are a fundamental part of our mission, and a way for students to express their faith and build their relationship with God.

Through regular Acts of Worship sessions, which are ran by students and teacher alike, students are able to deepen their understandings of Catholic teaching and their own personal values, whilst also fostering a sense of unity within the school.

Acts of Worship are built into student’s daily routine, helping to create a culture that values faith, community, and respect.

Download our Acts of Worship

We actively encourage our students to discuss the Acts of Worship with their parents, as this helps nurture a deeper understanding of their Catholic values, whilst also being a great way for families to bond and grow their faith together.

You can download our recent acts of worship below.

AOW Pentecost
AOW Culture Week
AOW Care Vision
AOW Goodness
AOW Prayer
AOW School Prayer