The Curriculum

Mission Statement

The mission statement of Christ the King Catholic Voluntary Academy is to provide the best education and care we can for all members of our Living Faith Community therefore:

  • Each day we will all strive to create a welcoming community with the love of Christ at its centre.
  • We will challenge each other to set and achieve the highest goals in academic subjects and personal development.
  • We will care for each other and treat each other with respect, recognising the uniqueness, diversity and dignity of each person.
  • Above all, we will actively grow in faith by seeking to encounter Jesus Christ; so that in all we say and do, we will bear witness to the good news.

Curriculum aims   

To create:

  • Successful learners who enjoy learning; make good progress and achieve excellence
  • Confident individuals who are able to live safe, healthy and fulfilling lives
  • Responsible citizens who can make a positive contribution to society
  • Opportunities for individuals to explore their faith

It is essential that the curriculum is organised in such a way that it provides students with the opportunity to learn expected behaviours and be successful in their learning so that we can deliver our mission and aims.

Curriculum Principles

  • Clear progress over 7 years accelerating student progress.
  • There should be depth before breadth.  Maximise learning time in all subjects.
  • Targeted support and additional challenge to ensure all students make at least national rates of progress.
  • Ensure all students’ progress is in line with national expectations.
  • To support induction into secondary school for all Year 7 students

Curriculum Structure

  • The curriculum is planned in a coherent manner ensuring it meets legal requirements and embraces cross-curricular themes and cross-curricular skills, in particular, those of literacy and numeracy.
  • The development of students’ personal and social skills and their spiritual, moral and cultural development are addressed specifically through discrete lessons once every half term, retreat days for each year group, residential trips, Acts of Worship, CAIG as well as permeating the whole curriculum.

KS3 Curriculum

Wehave a very broad KS3 Curriculum meeting all the national curriculum requirements. This is taught over a two week timetable with 25 lessons a week. The table below shows how those hours are distributed:




KS4 Curriculum

a) In Years 9-11, students study a broad core of subjects including R.E., English Language, English Literature, Maths, Science (this is studied as three individual subjects or as a combined award) and P.E. All of these subjects, excluding P.E., are studied at GCSE level.

b) In addition students are able to express a preference for further subjects via the Options Program to support their individual interests and aspirations.

c) The Option Pathways are put together to ensure that students are offered access to the 4 areas of entitlement (the arts, design and technology, humanities and modern foreign languages). The English Baccalaureate subjects are encouraged as a broad experience but it is acknowledged that they are not suitable for all students.

d) In response to a student’s individual needs, during KS4, the school may also

  • allow a student to participate in extended work-related learning;
  • allow a student with exceptional interest/ability to take more than one subject from a curriculum area
  • allow a student making significantly less progress than other students of his/her age to consolidate his/her learning and progress across the curriculum.

(Decisions about any of the above will only be made after discussion with the student and the parent/carer).

This is taught over a two week timetable with 25 lessons a week. The table below shows how those hours are distributed across each year group:


 EnglishMathsScienceICTREPEOption AOption BOption COption D
Year 97792544444
Year 10989252555 
Year 11879 425555


KS5 Curriculum

In Years 12-13, students are able to select from a range of Level 3 subjects which are taught at Christ the King.  Each subject is allocated 9 taught hours and an additional 5 hours of Directed Independent Study.

The qualifications delivered are designed to allow students the maximum possible opportunity to progress towards Higher Education, Level 4 Apprenticeships or paid employment. 

Students follow a general Religious Education program and engage in a variety of enrichment activities.


Students also have the opportunity to participate in several Academies in Y7-9. These include Football, Rugby, Art, Drama and Mandarin. The Academies allow students the opportunity to receive specialist training in these key areas. They are available for students who are identified as having a talent in these areas.

KCSIE (Keeping Children Safe in Education) & Citizenship

There is a rolling programme of sessions delivered throughout the year for students in Y7-13. These sessions are planned in response to current issues e.g. Sexting, Radicalisation, Alcohol & Substance misuse, Emotional Health & Well-being and Children’s rights. They allow the students to develop a greater awareness of how to keep themselves safe.

The Citizenship curriculum is also delivered discretely in Year 7 & 8 and in Years 12 & 13.

If you require more information on the curriculum, please contact Miss Love.