Extra Curricular Offer

We truly believe that extra curricular activities are an essential part of school life. Extra curricular activities are clubs and groups which take place outside of curriculum time, either at lunch time or after school. These activities allow students to develop their talents and interests, whilst also helping to develop their skills so that they become more confident in these situations which they aspire to be part of.

As well as offering trips abroad and to other parts of the UK, we run a number of clubs and extra curricular activities over the school week. Some sessions differ every half term, such as those in Physical Education, but most subjects run extra curricular activities that run for the full year.

In September 2022, we shall release an extra curricular timetable so that all parents are aware of the clubs that we offer to our students.

Notable extra curricular activities include:

Boys Football & Girls Netball: Monday : 3.05-4.05pm

Homework Club: Monday – Thursday: 3.05-4.30pm (in the LRC)

Inclusion Sports Club: Thursday: 3.05-4.05pm