At Christ the King CVA, we believe that it is extremely important that clear systems and structures are in place to keep children safe. In school, all staff are aware of who the Designated Safeguarding Lead in School is, what their role is and who to contact when they are not present in school.

We recognise that there is nothing more important than keeping children safe when they are in school and this is our primary objective as educators. We firmly believe that safe and happy children are more likely to enjoy coming to school and to be successful. We strive to keep children safe at all times in two ways:

  • By ensuring that we provide a clean, tidy and safe environment in which students can learn and study
  • By reacting when we have concerns for the safety of children and when we feel they are at risk/in danger

With regard to the second of these points, we make no apologies when we feel the need to contact Children’s Services and/or the Police. The staff of Christ the King CVA are fully committed to the safeguarding and protection of our young people and we will do everything in our power to ensure that they are kept safe from harm.