Curriculum Intent

In Business, our curriculum intent is

  • Teaching students the knowledge required to succeed in all subjects within the department
  • Equipping students with the necessary skills required in preparation for future careers in all our subjects
  • Inspiring students in adopting creative, entrepreneurial, and disciplined attitudes throughout their learning journey and beyond


Curriculum Plan

Business Curriculum Plan 2022 2023


Student Learning Journey

Business Student Learning Journey


Exam Board Information

Key Stage 4

Key Stage 5



Reading List

Up to date & every day reading:

  • The BBC News website is an excellent source of relevant contemporary articles that can be found by searching via specific topics.
  • Tutor2U is very good at selecting relevant business news articles and linking it to topic areas of the course.

Useful revision guides:

  • GCSE Business Edexcel Tutor2u revision cards
  • Tutor2u Numeracy booklets (GCSE and A Level)

Career Links

Business is a subject which lends itself towards general career discussions during lesson time. Undertaking Business at Key Stage 4 allows students to identify the key elements of running a business, allowing them to develop their entrepreneurial skills.

At Key Stage 5, Business goes into greater detail on most topics that are covered at GCSE level. We share regular reading materials which provides students with up to date information about the latest changes in the economy and the world of business. We support students in their next steps after Key Stage 5, either supporting them with the UCAS applications to study Business at Degree Level, or by liaising with them when they apply for apprenticeships, or look to set up their own businesses.

We ensure that our students attend regular careers fayres within school which allows them to have face-to-face contact with business men and women from within the local area.

Subject Leader Information

Subject Leader: Ms Fatima Ollow