Curriculum Intent

In Business, our curriculum intent is to equip students with the appropriate knowledge and skills needed to develop their employability and identify business problems and opportunities.


Curriculum Plan



Exam Board Information

Key Stage 4

Key Stage 5


Reading List

Up to date & every day reading:

  • Up to date reading Regular coverage of Business issues appears in broadsheet newspapers such as The Times, The Independent, Financial Times and The Guardian.
  • The Sunday Times has a Business supplement that can be very useful as a weekly overview of current business news, with many articles that link to topics covered in the course.
  • The BBC News website is also an excellent source of relevant contemporary articles that can be found by searching via specific topics.

  • www.tutor2u is very good at selecting relevant business news articles and linking it to topic areas of the course.

Business Blogs:

  • Business Blogs The Business Blogs Hub,, is excellent for shorter reading on a huge range of business topics such as recruitment, empowering employees, improving productivity, managing finances and even how to start your own small business. Just search a topic you are interested in.

Documentaries and TV programmes:

  • Documentaries and TV programmes TV programmes such as Panorama, Working Lunch, Watch Dog and the Money Programme often feature business related material as do daily news programmes.
  • Documentaries are regularly shown that are based on businesses or industries, in particular focusing on their success or the problems they encounter. Typical examples would be Tesco and Poundland


  • tutor2u and business studies on line are useful websites to use as independent study to support learning in the classroom., The website addresses are and
  • Sign up to the daily digest at Tutor2U and receive emails providing you with vital material to support your learning in this subject. Receive the latest revision videos, quick quizzes to check your knowledge and understanding, and keep up to date with the latest business news through the emailed articles. Register your email address now at
  • Youtube channel: ‘Taking the biz’ useful topic revision videos and very good exam technique short videos.
  • for revision

Useful revision guides:

  • GCSE Business Edexcel Tutor2u revision cards
  • Tutor2u Numeracy booklets (GCSE and A Level)


Subject Leader Information

Subject Leader: Ms Fatima Ollow