Curriculum Intent

In iMedia, our curriculum intent is:

  • Teaching students the knowledge required to succeed in all subjects within the department
  • Equipping students with the necessary skills required in preparation for future careers in all our subjects
  • Inspiring students in adopting creative, entrepreneurial, and disciplined attitudes throughout their learning journey and beyond


Curriculum Plan

Creative IMedia Curriculum Plan


Student Learning Journey

Creative IMedia Student Learning Journey


Exam Board Information


Current Year 11 (2022/2023) J817:

Current Year 9 & 10 (new specification first teaching from September 2022) J834:


Year 12/13 Introductory Diploma in IT:


Reading List

Revision guide:

  • Creative iMedia L1/2 Pre-production skills and creating digital graphics


Career Links

Computing and the use of ICT is an ever increasing market which has great opportunity for those who are interested in this area. Whatever subject or topic you are interested in, ICT will play a key role in any of the careers that you may have interest in.

All companies will have ICT advisers who ensure that their business is kept running on a daily basis. This will involve setting up networks and ensuring that systems are protected from potential hackers and other online viruses.

You are able to go and study ICT at university, and they are a great course for those of you who have an interest in ICT. However, ICT is perfect for a split honours degree, where you can study two subjects at the same time, as the ICT market is only going to get bigger each year.


Subject Leader Information

Subject Leader: Ms Fatima Ollow